Turkey fed up Syrian government

NY Times:

After trying for months to engage with Syria in an effort to ease the violence there, Turkey’s president declared Sunday that he had “lost confidence” in the government in Damascus, and he stopped just short of calling on President Bashar al-Assad to step down.

“Clearly we have reached a point where anything would be too little too late,” the Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, told his country’s Anatolia news agency, expressing frustration that Mr. Assad’s violent crackdown on protesters has continued past the 15-day window in which Turkey had said it expected a change.

“Today in the world there is no place for authoritarian administrations, one-party rule, closed regimes,” Mr. Gul said, adding that such governments could be “replaced by force” if their leaders did not make changes.

“Everyone should know that we are with the Syrian people,” he said.

Turkey is probably the best chance for the success of the general uprising against the Damascus entity. The Turks and the Israelis have the only army in the region capable of destroying Assad's regime and the Turks would be the obvious first choice. It sounds like a last warning to Assad.


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