Taliban planned to use US jihadis for Pakistan attacks


Taliban insurgents had planned to use five Americans detained in Pakistan, who had contacted the militant group through the Internet, to carry out attacks inside the U.S. ally, a police official said on Saturday.

Usman Anwar, police chief in Sargodha, where the men were arrested this month, said emails had also revealed plans for the young men from Virginia to travel to a Pakistani nuclear power plant.

"We believe that they were supposed to be used inside Pakistan," Anwar told Reuters by telephone.

"In their last email to the Taliban, we found they mentioned the Chashma Nuclear Plant and that's why they were going to Mianwali (district)."


It sounds like they were to be used in a spectacular mass murder for Allah attack within Pakistan. I wonder if CAIR still thinks they deserve some slack, since it is pretty clear that most of their victims would also be Muslim.


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